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Having Fun With The Secular Society Of MIT

Professor Moshe Dr. Moshe My compatriot on the panel did a great job humoring me as I schticked it up. The event was a lot of fun. What I enjoyed the most was the Q&A. The audience asked us questions that ranged from how to understand relatives who are …

‘Sex Weekend’ Seeks to Stimulate Discussion

“I think it’s a really great way to make learning about sex fun,” Janover said. “A lot of people want to have a vibrator or have masturbation toys, but don’t want to express that desire.” —Staff writer Margot D. Dionne can be reached at …

Why Men Like To Watch Women Touch Their Own Vaginas

It’s probably not interesting.” 7. I love an open book. “It’s super-hot — not the masturbating, but being open to it. Particularly fun in this day and age where phone/video sex can be done relatively easily.” 8. It’s such a turn-on when she’s into it.

7 Benefits of Making Love…To Yourself

And it doesn’t take much to get you there. Fingers are ideal, but if you want to enhance the experience, there are a sh*tload of fun toys to choose from. 2. It’s Safe Masturbation is one of the safest ways to satisfy your sexual crave. You don’t have …

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